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Static email is BORING and can result in customer churn.

Dynamic content transforms every email into an exciting, personal message for each and every recipient. When done right, it’s the ultimate in one-to-one marketing, giving the feeling that each message was individually crafted by hand, giving each subscriber exactly what he or she wants with a uniquely personal touch.

DynamicMail’s relevant, personalized components WOW recipients, BOOST click-through rates by 30%+ and DRIVE 4X ROI. Now you can easily target every individual recipient with different content automatically in the same mailing. Awesome!

  • Engaging

    emails that pop

    Lift click-to-open rates by as much as 73% and bowl over your customers with our 25+ dynamic components that deliver customized content live-on-the-open. Example use cases:
    Auto play-on-open Video
    Real-time social feeds from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook
    Animated countdown Timers, image Fade and Zoom, moving Tickers and content Sliders
    Calls to action, like Pop-up Window, add to Calendar, share to WhatsApp, and Lightning effects

  • Personalized

    relevant content that drives results

    Boring content causes over half of all unsubscribes . But, relevant content drives 4X ROI and at least 30% higher CTR than batch & blast. DynamicMail content, updated in real-time on the open, can leverage audience data and deliver hyper-targeted content that keeps your subscribers wanting more. Use components like:
    Personalized images
    Geo-targeted, Device-targeted, Weather-targeted components
    Content recommendations based on 1st party segment data and actual user click history
    Interactive Forms and reader Polls
    And many more custom dynamic components like interactive Tabs, Hot or Not, and SecretMail

  • Track

    real-time results

    Our live dashboard displays real-time success metrics, including total number of opens and clicks, as well as click-through rates per component. Find out which email clients and devices your audience uses and where they are in the world, and use this data to track and adjust campaigns to improve performance. Plus, get the time your users spend inside your email and discover the insights you need to improve the engagement of your users with your content.

  • Agnostic

    on any device & ESP to guarantee performance

    DynamicMail components perform flawlessly on every device, email platform, email service provider and at any scale. PowerInbox already delivers 3 billion customized emails and 1.5 billion pieces of content to 25+ million unique users per month. No technical glitches, no hang-ups and no frustrated customers.

  • Simple

    setup in minutes - no HTML required!

    Easily add real-time, dynamic content into every email in just minutes with our simple DIY Creator dashboard. Or, ask for our help. PowerInbox's dynamic content experts are standing by with full-service design and support. No need to manually design and schedule separate emails for each customer—just configure the campaign once and the DynamicMail system automatically adapts the content for each recipient. In fact, never again send emails with products that are out of stock or quantities and pricing that are out of date.

  • Live


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