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Surpass traditional, static email

Bring your emails to life! Nurture leads and engage consumers with animated product displays, real-time tickers and personalized content based on optimized analytics.

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Website functionality inside an email

Deliver a browser-like email experience. InteractiveMail delivers full website functionality right into your message so recipients interact directly and instantly — without leaving their inbox.

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Surpass traditional, static email.

Traditional e-mail is about static content. It’s time to get active with scrolling strips, creative animations, count-down timers, and other widgets that grab attention, engage users and drive them to look again — and click!

  • Real-time content with update-on-open
  • Personalized for relevance
  • Templated for easy implementation
  • Device-aware for mobile presentation
  • Ready to roll — no download required
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Let PowerInbox help you serve the right message to the right individual on the right device.


Website functionality inside an email.

No matter the call to action, a click in traditional email means opening up a browser and shifting away from the “flow” of reading your mail. Finally, with a quick browser extension, you can offer a complete, interactive experience for immediate gratification and a spike in engagement.

  • Time-saving as readers interact on the spot
  • Do it all: browse, read, respond… purchase!
  • Personalized for relevance based on previous activity saved in browser cookies
  • Templated for easy implementation in your EMS
  • Widgets galore: menus, video, forms, content navigation… anything you do on a web page.
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We offer free pilots and one-on-one consultation to help you achieve your goals.

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Find out more about PowerInbox

PowerInbox is revolutionizing the email industry by bringing real-time capabilities to static mail programs dramatically boosting engagement.

With mobile now representing over 50% of email opens and volume of sends increasing, it is getting harder to maintain relevance and get your users to click on your message.

PowerInbox provides an easy to implement solution that combines real-time capabilities, dynamic animation, device and geographic targeting with personalization to ensure higher click through rates.

PowerInbox works with existing mail programs and is a platform that marketers, agencies or email service providers can use to deliver new, unique, creative and effective programs. The company is backed by several leading VCs.

Summary of PowerInbox Features:

  • Dynamic, real-time email solutions to boost engagement
  • Works easily with existing mail programs
  • Venture backed and easy to work with


Our Investors

PowerInbox is grateful to have strong support from its investor group who collectively have backed some of the most innovative companies in the email space including ExactTarget, Neolane, and ConstantContact

Atlas Venture
Battery Ventures
Correlation Ventures
Genesis Partners
Gimv NV
Longworth Venture Partners


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“One of the most practical applications I’ve come across in recent months”
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“PowerInbox, looking to upgrade the e-mail experience”
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“PowerInbox reinvents what email can be”
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PowerInbox, 568 Broadway, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10012


“With overall conversion rates falling, clients are asking PowerInbox to help them optimize their static emails by bringing real-time capabilities, increased engagement and personalization to their existing programs.”

 Jeff Kupietzky

Jeff KupietzkyCEO

“The future of email is interactive. And our customers are experiencing it each day with 400% increases in revenue compared to static emails.”

 Matt Thazhmon

Matt ThazhmonFounder

“Simply put, our technology will make your emails come alive. It takes minutes to implement our out of box widgets and the impact on engagement is tangible, with clients seeing a 35-40% increase in CTR.”

 Dileep Thazhmon

Dileep ThazhmonCOO