Guide to Push Alerts

A Comprehensive Guide to Push Notifications

Posted: June 27, 2019By: Renee Chemel

Push notifications are an ideal way to break through the clutter and competition online to connect directly with the consumer. But as with all marketing methods, there’s a time and place for this technology, and overusing it or using it at the wrong time can alienate your audience. Here’s what you need to know about […]

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InsiderInbox with Entrepreneur, Aryeh Mergi

Posted: June 20, 2019By: Renee Chemel

Summer has finally arrived, and that means vacation and barbequing! From all of us at PowerInbox, we hope you enjoy some rest and relaxation. Summer’s arrival also means it’s time to begin prepping those holiday marketing plans. Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, getting those holiday ad programs in place early can make a […]

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PowerInbox at MediaPost’s Publishing Insider Summit

Posted: June 11, 2019By: Renee Chemel

Hear PowerInbox’s CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, at MediaPost’s Publishing Insider Summit and get the 411 on improving email subscriber trust to maximize your revenue. Business owners, publishers and email marketers can also schedule a time to speak with a member of our amazing team during the summit. We’re here to answer any questions and learn more […]

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Monetizing Emails

A Comprehensive Guide to Email Monetization with Ads

Posted: June 10, 2019By: Renee Chemel

More than half of all adults — 60 percent of them — subscribe to at least one email newsletter. And if the size of the audience isn’t enough to convince you that email marketing is valuable, consider the ROI. Email marketing drives robust return — as much as $38 or more for every dollar you […]

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Red Herring Top 100 Entrepreneurs

Red Herring 100 Awards Recognizes Innovative Private Technology Companies

Posted: June 3, 2019By: Renee Chemel

Since 1996, technology industry executives, investors, and strategists have valued the Red Herring 100 lists as an instrument for discovering and advocating the most promising private ventures from around the world. The Red Herring Top 100 award highlight the most exciting startups from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Hundreds of companies from each region are […]

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What is An Email Filter

What Is Filtering and Why Should You Care?

Posted: May 16, 2019By: Renee Chemel

As of December 2018, spam accounted for around 57 percent of all email in the inboxes of the world. That’s actually down a few percent from December 2016, but when more than half of your email isn’t something you want to read, it makes it difficult to see what you are interested in. Which is […]

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Marketing for Millennials

What’s the Best Way to Reach Millennials? Email Is the Answer

Posted: May 2, 2019By: Renee Chemel

Millennials are an enormous part of today’s market, making them an attractive audience for almost any brand. In fact, as of the 2016 census, the number of millennials in the nation was only slightly below the number of baby boomers, with the younger generation set to become the largest in America within a few years. […]

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make the most out of your email contacts

Monetize That Email List: Why You Have Nothing to Lose

Posted: April 25, 2019By: Renee Chemel

An email list is a great way to connect with loyal customers, building increased brand awareness and culture. Your email newsletters are also an ideal place to drop highly relevant, interesting ads from other brands. Your customers can learn about and connect with new products and services that might be interesting to them, and you […]

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email monetization works

Why Email Monetization Works — 3 Stats That Prove It’s Effective

Posted: April 11, 2019By: Renee Chemel

Email monetization — the act of turning your existing newsletter list into a source of secondary passive income with advertising — does work. But many business owners are afraid to monetize their lists, pulling punches on both advertising and calls to action for their own goods and services. This hesitance to monetize a content stream […]

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new studies suggest the key to online ads is trust

Why Trust Is the Key to Successful Advertising

Posted: April 4, 2019By: Renee Chemel

Whether you’re a content producer looking to monetize more with ads or an advertiser looking for a strong publisher partner, here’s something you need to know about success in advertising: Trust is critical. Trust Is a Major Decision Factor for Consumers Today The ability to trust brands is huge for consumers in today’s competitive, constantly […]

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