Ask, and ye shall receive … Google+ app is now live!

Since our launch three weeks ago, we have had a survey on our homepage to find what PowerApps you want in your emails.

Well, the internet has spoken and guess who was #1?


Yes, Google+ (the fastest growing site ever) narrowly beat out LinkedIn as the most requested PowerApp.

So that’s what we worked on. First, we created our own internal Google+ API. Then we used our Google+ API to create a Google+ client. And finally, we turned our Google+ client into a Google+ PowerApp.

As far as we know, this is the first, and only, third party Google+ client.

To try it out, just open any “added you on Google+” email and you will see the Google+ PowerApp.


Today, you can use the PowerApp to add people to your existing circles. As we build out our Google+ API, you will be able to create circles, view post, add comments and more – right inside your email.

So give our Google+ PowerApp a spin and let us know what you think!

Also, the PowerInbox developer API is coming soon to let anyone create PowerApps. If you are interested in our pilot program, please contact

And if you would like to join us in creating the future of email, contact We are based in Cambridge, MA and are hiring code warriors, our first product guru and first bizdev ninja.