Like Two P’s in a Pod

PowerInbox and Pivotal Tracker unite to help your agile teams sprint to the finish line. Immersion in the agile business method is dynamic, collaborative, and enables company-wide innovation. With constant updates, improvements, and achievements inside the office, it can be a challenge to keep employee progress consistent and departments aligned. This is where companies are turning to the most reliable and practical tool of its kind – Pivotal Tracker.


This synergistic, lightweight, agile project management tool is brought to you by the experts in agile software development. The goal of Pivotal Tracker is to increase visibility and collaboration, plan ahead based on realistic estimates, deliver on customer feedback, and transform how software is built in your workforce.

And of course, at PowerInbox our goal is simple – to make your email experience better, and so we’re extremely pleased to partner with Pivotal Tracker to enable you to directly interact with Pivotal emails (updates, stories, bug tracking, etc), in real time, conveniently and directly in your email.

Pivotal Benefits

Pivotal Tracker is the leader in creating an incredibly efficient way to agree on priorities and keep teams in sync – it does so with its centralizing functionality that brings all involved members to one virtual room and provides everyone with the ability to see the same project content as the team progresses. In addition, Tracker assesses your real time performance and ensures your projects are on target with its continual, automatic prediction of milestone completion dates.


Now That’s Power Tracking

Real-time collaboration doesn’t end there though. As priorities are pursued, updated, and completed, Pivotal Tracker will send email updates to notify team members about activity within their team projects. At this point, users typically absorb the changes and divert their attention over to the Pivotal Tracker program, where they can observe and perform the respective Tracker actions.

Now, you can redefine teamwork and the Tracker experience by engaging with it instantly right inside your email with PowerInbox. PowerInbox is harnessing a traditional technology and transforming the user experience. It activates Pivotal Tracker emails, letting you easily manage all your projects right inside the email itself, including:

  • live engagement with projects
  • instant tracking, commenting, and editing
  • real time communication
  • prioritization and convenience
  • immediate feedback
  • accelerating the timeframe in which projects are completed
  • quicker responses to the team’s current activity

All instantly. All from within the interactive email. Take a look at the PivotalTracker PowerEmail in action:

The dual combination of PowerInbox and Pivotal Tracker will ensure your team’s goals are achieved in the most constructive, efficient, and convenient manner while simultaneously increasing your quality level and decreasing your frustration level. A true win-win.

Almost Done

Lastly, we want to dedicate a special Thank You to Pivotal Labs for uniting with PowerInbox and bringing the ultimate transformation to your agile experience. And finally, as always, PowerInbox is not just limited to making project management dynamic, it brings your Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo video emails to life. So dive in and let us know what you think. Enjoy!